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Discover Local Producers Crafting Plateit's Sustainable Artisan Condiments - Plateit Foods

Discover Local Producers Crafting Plateit's Sustainable Artisan Condiments

The delicious and unique flavours found in Plateit’s artisan condiments are a testament to exceptional local craftsmanship fueled by a passion for sustainability and high-quality produce. Our sauces, oils, spice rubs, and dressings are lovingly made by hand in small batches, turning the finest handpicked, locally sourced ingredients into delightful and memorable culinary experiences. But, to truly appreciate these high-quality ingredients, we must journey to the heart of our production process – the skilled hands of our community of local producers.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the talented farmers, gardeners, and artisans responsible for supplying the fresh, ethically sourced produce that gives Plateit's condiments their signature taste. We'll delve into their stories, showcasing the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into growing and harvesting the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices used to create our premium condiments.

From the small family-owned farms that practice regenerative agriculture to the urban gardeners who make the most of every available green space, join us as we celebrate the passion and hard work of these unsung heroes. They work tirelessly to ensure that Plateit's artisan condiments remain true to our commitment to sustainability and quality. As you explore the origins of our artisan condiments, we hope that your appreciation for their unique flavours and textures deepens, and your understanding of all the dedication, care, and passion involved expands.

1. The Careful Cultivation of Heirloom Tomatoes

Plateit's artisan tomato-based sauces owe their rich flavour and vibrant colour to heirloom tomatoes grown locally by passionate farmers. Heirloom tomatoes, known for their unique shapes, colours, and exceptional taste, require special attention and expertise during cultivation. Grown using organic, sustainable farming practices, these juicy tomatoes receive the utmost care and dedication from our producers.

Our skilled community of farmers follows traditional methods passed down through generations, from selecting seeds to nurturing the plants and, finally, handpicking the ripe fruit. This unwavering commitment to detail, combined with eco-friendly practices, ensures that these heirloom tomatoes are carefully cultivated to perfection, making each Plateit tomato-based condiment a true celebration of craftsmanship.

2. Aromatic Herbs: Essence of Local Gardens

The lively flavours and aromatic qualities of the herbs used in Plateit’s condiments can be traced back to local gardens and green spaces, where they are carefully tended by expert hands. Our community of gardeners and horticulturists embraces organic, sustainable practices to cultivate an array of fresh, flavourful herbs such as basil, rosemary, and coriander.

By prioritising sustainable growth, these gardeners help preserve soil health, support pollinators, and nurture the local ecosystem. Their expertise in harvesting the herbs at the peak of their flavour, combined with our artisan methods, elevates Plateit's condiments, ensuring that their flavours are fresh, vibrant, and unforgettable.

3. The Spice of Life: Artisanal Spice Blends

The fragrant spices used in Plateit’s spice rubs and dressings are the product of skilled artisans who have mastered the art of spice blending. Our partners in spice are fiercely passionate about fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, creating handcrafted blends designed to elevate your dishes to new heights of flavour.

These spice blends are carefully crafted by grinding, blending, and roasting various peppers, seeds, and ground roots to enrich your dishes with deep, complex flavours. The unparalleled dedication to quality and sustainability exhibited by these local spice artisans ensures that each handcrafted spice blend adds an authentic, enriching touch to Plateit's artisan condiments.

4. The Sweet Taste of Natural Sweeteners

Plateit’s sweet condiments and dressings are created using a variety of natural sweeteners sourced from sustainable, eco-conscious operations. These sweeteners encompass a range of distinctive flavours and textures–from the rich, golden taste of raw honey to the amber hues of pure maple syrup. The producers of these sweeteners are dedicated to their craft and place great importance on minimising their environmental impact.

Local beekeepers cultivate honey using eco-friendly, ethical beekeeping practices, ensuring that the raw honey used in our condiments is not only delicious but also supports the honeybee population. Similarly, our sources of maple syrup and other unrefined sugars adhere to natural harvesting techniques, resulting in high-quality sweeteners that elevate Plateit’s condiments while respecting the earth's natural resources.


Plateit’s artisan condiments are more than just a delicious addition to your meals; they represent a celebration of local craftspeople who strive to create sustainable, high-quality ingredients that fill each of our products with rich and unforgettable flavours. The passion and sustainability shared by our community of farmers, gardeners, spice artisans, and sweetener producers resonate through every sauce, oil, spice rub, and dressing.

As you savor Plateit's artisan condiments, take a moment to appreciate not just the wonderful flavours but also the dedication, expertise, and environmentally-conscious practices behind every ingredient. The connection to our local producers is an integral part of Plateit’s philosophy, allowing us to create products that consistently elevate dining experiences while honouring the beauty of the earth, the community, and the skills passed down through generations. Join us in supporting local artisans and championing sustainability–turning each meal into a delicious and responsible culinary adventure. Browse our rich collection of condiments today!

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