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Here is our story

A Flavourful Journey Born from Passion and Exploration

Rachel and Chris: names you might not know, but damn, should you hear their story. This pair, this dynamo of taste, embarked on what can only be described as the epic quest of the century. It wasn't for treasure, at least not the kind you might think. No, their eyes were set on something far more elusive and infinitely more precious: the perfect meal, the ultimate condiment, the flavour that would change everything.

Their saga began back in '05, a chance encounter that quickly spiraled into a shared obsession with the world's culinary offerings. United by a hunger that went beyond the mere need to eat, they set off across the globe. Picture this: two intrepid souls, navigating the cobblestone alleys of Europe, from the bustling cities bursting with Michelin stars to the quaint, overlooked corners where real, unpretentious food magic happens. They've rubbed shoulders with the finest chefs and the humblest street vendors, all in the relentless pursuit of flavour.

But they didn't stop there. Oh no, Asia called with its siren song of spices and scents. There, amidst the cacophony of bustling marketplaces and the sizzle of street-side woks, they dove headfirst into a world where food is not just sustenance but a vibrant, living culture. Every bite, a revelation; every dish, a story.

Throughout these escapades, Rachel and Chris weren't just eating; they were learning, absorbing the essence of each destination. Every local tradition they experienced, every unique ingredient they tasted, and every ancient cooking technique they witnessed was a brush stroke in their growing palette of flavours.

And then, inspired by the incredible mosaic of tastes and experiences, they did what any self-respecting food lovers would do: they took all that knowledge, that passion, and poured it into creating something remarkable. Thus, Plateit was born - not just as a business, but as the embodiment of their culinary love affair. A love letter to the world's flavours, if you will. A mission to 'bring something different to the table'.

Their journey—fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and boundless love for food—has resulted in a collection that's more than just condiments. It's a testament to the belief that food can transcend borders, that a simple meal can become extraordinary with the right touch of flavor. With Rachel and Chris at the helm, Plateit is not just a brand; it's the culmination of a journey that has only just begun. And the best part? We get to taste the adventure, one extraordinary bite at a time.

Upon returning to their hometown of Sydney, they brought with them a wealth of knowledge and a burning desire to share their culinary discoveries with others. Armed with a deep appreciation for unique ingredients and a flair for building captivating flavour profiles, they set out to create pantry staples that would redefine the notion of exceptional condiments, rubs, oils, sauces, and dressings.

Drawing on their extensive expertise and guided by their unyielding passion, Rachel and Chris painstakingly sourced the finest ingredients, experimenting with various combinations to craft flavours that transcended the ordinary. Their dedication and commitment to achieving a depth of flavour unparalleled in the market resulted in an array of remarkable culinary creations.

Encouraged by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from friends and family who were captivated by the unforgettable taste experiences provided by their condiments, Rachel and Chris felt compelled to share their exceptional products with a broader audience. It was in this spirit of passion and culinary innovation that Plateit was born—a brand built on the belief that exceptional flavour should be accessible to all.

Listen, what Plateit is throwing down isn't just your garden-variety lineup of condiments. This is a ticket, a golden ticket, to jack up the volume on your meals from the usual humdrum to a symphony that's going to sing in your mouth. Rachel and Chris? They're not just messing around in the kitchen; they're artists, alchemists, flavor wizards conjuring up concoctions so wicked, so transformative, you'll wonder how you ever settled for anything less.

These handcrafted marvels - are your arsenal for culinary badassery. The attention to detail, the commitment to quality, it's like they're putting a piece of their soul in every jar, every bottle, entrusting you to take your food from "meh" to "holy hell, what was that?!"

Dive into their world, their obsession with flavour. Let Rachel and Chris guide your taste buds on an odyssey packed with innovative combinations that'll blow your culinary mind. This isn't about slathering some mystery sauce on a chop; it's about embarking on a journey, a quest for the extraordinary, armed with the best damn condiments known to mankind.

So, take the plunge. Paint with the bold strokes of chilli crunch. Sculpt with rubs that sing of smoky depth and sauces that whisper secrets of distant lands. Plateit isn't just offering taste; they're offering an awakening. And trust me, once you've walked down this path, dining as you know it will never be the same. Welcome to the revolution, brought to you one jaw-dropping bite at a time.

Now its time for you to bring something new and different to the table