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From the Grill to Your Plate: plateit's Old Red Rub Revealed - Plateit Foods

From the Grill to Your Plate: plateit's Old Red Rub Revealed

plateit Foods presents yet another tantalising addition to their artisan range of rubs: the Old Red Rub – a versatile blend of herbs and spices designed to bring a world of flavour to your grilled creations. This innovative rub invites you to embark on a flavourful journey that will change your perspective on grilling, one fiery bite at a time. As the name suggests, the Old Red Rub awakens the senses, evoking warmth, boldness, and a zest for culinary exploration.

Delve deeper into the world of Old Red Rub, uncovering its unique flavour components that create the perfect balance of fiery heat and aromatic spices that radiate through every dish. Make room for the fiery goodness of plateit Foods' Old Red Rub on your grill and prepare for the ultimate grilling experience. Let's uncover the secrets behind this marvellous rub and learn how it can elevate your dishes from 'good' to 'great'.

Old Red Rub: The Perfect Blend of Spices and Heat

The secret to plateit Foods' Old Red Rub lies in its harmonious blend of herbs, spices, and fiery heat, bringing depth to any dish it touches. Showcasing a delicate balance of flavours, the Old Red Rub incorporates several key ingredients to create its distinct, mouthwatering profile.

1. Smoky Paprika

Paprika imparts a subtly sweet, smoky flavour that lends a layer of complexity to the Old Red Rub. With origins in Hungary and Spain, paprika is an essential ingredient in traditional barbecue rubs, elevating the rub's flavour with a touch of smokiness and warmth.

2. Aromatic Herbs

The Old Red Rub boasts a blend of aromatic herbs that contribute to its delightful and inviting scent. Fresh rosemary, thyme, and oregano pair perfectly with the spices in the rub, providing a beautiful harmony in your dishes by adding a touch of earthiness and freshness.

3. Fiery Kick

The Old Red Rub's real magic comes from its fiery kick, introducing a satisfying spiciness to your dishes. With the careful inclusion of ingredients like cayenne pepper and ground black pepper, the Old Red Rub is perfect for those seeking an extra dose of heat in their meals, ensuring that you bring something different to the table every time.

Grilling Adventures with Old Red Rub

The versatility of plateit Foods' Old Red Rub lends itself to a multitude of scrumptious recipes that go beyond traditional barbecue fare. Transform your grilling repertoire with these innovative suggestions:

1. Grilled Veggie Medley

The natural flavours of your favourite vegetables are beautifully enhanced by the Old Red Rub. Zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, and corn take on a new dimension when grilled and seasoned with the Old Red Rub. Create a flavourful medley of grilled veggies with this fiery blend, and showcase the incredible versatility of this rub.

2. Old Red Rub Kebabs

Prepare succulent kebabs using the Old Red Rub to season your choice of meat, such as beef, chicken, lamb, or even fish. Add an assortment of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and capsicum to the skewer, and let the rub infuse its delectable flavour into every component of the kebab. Grill to perfection, and explore an extraordinary blend of tastes with every bite.

3. Avant-garde Burgers

Elevate your burger game with the Old Red Rub. Sprinkle generously over your preferred patty – be it beef, chicken, or a vegetarian option – before grilling; then assemble your burger with fresh vegetables and a dollop of your favourite sauce or spread. Experience the fireworks of flavour that the Old Red Rub brings to a classic burger.

4. Pizzas with a Twist

For a daringly unique twist, consider using the Old Red Rub as a seasoning for your homemade pizza. Create a one-of-a-kind pizza that melds the aromatic herbs and spices of the rub with the delightful flavours of fresh pizza toppings. Sprinkle the rub directly onto the crust, or mix it into your pizza sauce for an extra layer of indulgence. Unleash your creativity and allow the Old Red Rub to transform your pizza night into something truly memorable.

Perfect Pairings for Old Red Rub

To complement the dynamic flavour profile of the Old Red Rub, consider these successful pairings that enhance your dishes' overall taste experience:

1. Tangy, Zesty Touches

Pair the Old Red Rub with tangy and zesty ingredients that help to balance its heat and intensity. A simple squeeze of lemon or lime juice, or a citrus-based sauce, can elevate the rub's natural flavours.

2. Creamy, Cooling Elements

Combine the fiery allure of the Old Red Rub with creamy, cooling elements to create an exquisite balance in your meals. Try drizzling a yoghurt-based dressing or incorporating crumbled feta cheese into your dishes to provide relief from the heat while highlighting the spices' beautiful harmony.

3. Earthy Textures

Incorporate the Old Red Rub with hearty, earthy ingredients to bring a satisfying depth to your meals. Black beans, whole grains, or mushrooms serve as perfect canvases for the spices and herbs of the rub, delivering a sumptuous and wholesome dining experience.

Old Red Rub Marinades and Beyond

The capabilities of plateit Foods' Old Red Rub go beyond traditional dry seasoning uses. Mix the rub with oil, vinegar, or citrus juice to create mouthwatering marinades for your meats and vegetables. Experiment with wet rub applications to bring extra moisture and intense flavour to your dishes.

Storage Tips for Old Red Rub

Maintain the blend's freshness and longevity by storing the Old Red Rub in airtight containers in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Proper storage preserves the rub's potent flavours and tantalising aroma, allowing you to continue to bring something different to the table with every meal.

Rediscover Grilling with plateit's Old Red Rub

Ignite your passion for grilling with plateit Foods' Old Red Rub, a fiery and flavourful blend that takes your dishes to new heights. Embrace your culinary creativity and introduce this alluring seasoning to your kitchen repertoire, inspiring you to bring something different to the table every time. From tried-and-true barbecue classics to innovative flavour fusions, let the Old Red Rub transform your meals into unforgettable dining experiences.

Discover the full range of plateit Foods' artisan condiments, rubs, and dressings at plateit.io, and let your culinary imagination soar. Unleash your creative spirit with plateit Foods, and let them be your guiding light to exceptional dining adventures filled with gourmet flavours, vibrant colours, and mouthwatering textures. Get your hands on plateit's Old Red Rub today and embark on a journey of grilling transformation.

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