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Salt & Pepper Enoki Mushrooms

Salt & Pepper Enoki Mushrooms


1 bunch Enoki mushroom
2 Tbsp plain flour
2 Tbsp potato starch (or rice flour/cornstarch)
1 Tbsp Plateit's Spice Bag Seasoning
1 Tsp flakey salt
2 cloves garlic (finely diced)
2 spring onion greens (sliced)
1 long red chilli (sliced)
Oil for frying (avocado, peanut)


In the culinary realm, the art of preparing enoki mushrooms transcends mere cooking; it embodies a delicate dance of flavours and textures.

Begin by honouring these mystical fungi by delicately cutting their roots and immersing them in a baptism of water for a brief interlude of 5 minutes. As they emerge purified, tear them into smaller bundles with the reverence they deserve and lovingly pat them dry.

On a plate, concoct a divine blend of flour, potato starch, and the sacred kosher salt. Each bundle of mushrooms must undergo a transformative ritual as it is gently tossed through this ethereal mixture, blessing it with an earthly crust.

In a vessel of alchemical wonders, combine Plateit's Spice bag seasoning with flakes of salt to create a seasoning fit for the gods. Let this powder rest as you prepare to embark on the next phase of this culinary odyssey.

With a flicker of flame beneath your pan, heat the essence of frying oil to a shimmering glow, poised on the brink of transformation. Gently lay the mushrooms in this fiery cauldron, ensuring they are not cramped but given the space to evolve. Allow them to sizzle and sing for 4-5 minutes on each side until they shine with a golden hue.

As they emerge, victorious from the crucible of heat, let them rest on a sanctuary of paper towels. Shower them with the sacred spice bag mix, anointing them with the essence of flavour.

In a separate pan, or the very crucible that bore the mushrooms, infuse a tablespoon of oil with the essence of garlic. Let the aroma of this humble bulb permeate the air for 30 seconds, before adding the fiery embrace of chilli. Stir in the emerald greens of spring onions and give reverence to this symphony of flavours.

The time has come to assemble this divine creation. Place the fried mushrooms on a platter and crown them with the garlicky chilli concoction, bestowing upon them a final blessing of the salt and pepper seasoning.

And now, dear friends, in the presence of this culinary alchemy, indulge in this dish with the fervour of a pilgrim partaking in sacred communion. Let the flavours dance on your palate as you savour each bite, for this is not just a meal but a journey of the senses.