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24k Gold Leaf Chilli Crunch

$25.00 AUD $35.00 AUD

Dive headfirst into the uncharted, opulent waters of our Gold-Infused Chilli Crunch - an audacious concoction where heat meets luxury, and every bite is a rebellion against the mundane. Imagine, if you will, the kick of the finest dried chillies, the earthy whisper of sesame seeds, and an arsenal of spices, all coming together in a dance of flavours. But here's the kick - the lavish, unapologetic addition of 24k gold leaf, turning each spoonful into a gleaming treasure trove of indulgence.

This isn't just about adding a bit of sparkle. The gold, my friends, melds with the fiery crunch in a way that elevates this beyond a mere condiment to a statement of extravagance. It's a visual feast, sure, but also a nod to the kind of excess that makes life, well, deliciously interesting.

But let's not get too carried away by the gold; the soul of this creation lies in its balance. The heat, the citrusy zest, the smoky undertones all the hallmark signatures of a chilli crunch worth its salt- are there, now amplified by the richness and sophistication that only gold can bring.

Imagine slathering this on a humble pile of eggs, or crowning your favourite Asian dish with it. It's not just about heat or flavour anymore; it's about an experience, a golden-splattered journey that elevates the simple to the spectacular.

This Gold-Infused Chilli Crunch? It's your ticket to the kind of culinary adventures where ordinary just doesn't cut it. Where luxury isn't just welcome - it's required. So, gear up, set your palate on fire, and let's turn the everyday into a golden masterpiece. Because in this world of flavour we're crafting, settling for anything less than extraordinary just won’t do.

Bring something different to the table…

Size: 180ml


24k gold leaf, black cardamon, Star anise garlic, onion, sesame seeds, canola oil, dried chilli flakes, salt, pepper