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Angel Dust Rub

$16.00 AUD

Mr Chilli ANZ 2024 1st place Chilli Rubs Mild

Get ready to have your taste buds taken for a ride with our latest, borderline revolutionary concoction – the Angel Dust Rub. This isn't just any spice blend; it's a defiant roar in the face of blandness, a mix so bold it could make mustard and fennel seem like the best of frenemies. Throw in some earth-shattering cumin, a dash of Hungarian paprika, and a fiery kick from Korean gochugaru, and you've got yourself a culinary grenade ready to explode with flavour.

This Angel Dust Rub doesn't play favourites; it treats all meats with the same explosive charm, whether it’s giving your chargrilled steak a taste makeover or turning a simple roast beef into a feast for the senses. It creates a crust so tantalising, it’ll have you wondering where it’s been all your life, all the while locking in that precious juiciness like a culinary treasure chest.

But hey, don’t pigeonhole it as just a meat magician. This rub is a renaissance blend, equally at home turning your marinades, sauces, and even salad dressings into masterpieces of flavour that'll send your palate on a journey to the heavens and back. It’s your invite to throw caution to the wind and get creative in the kitchen, discovering new realms of taste with every sprinkle.

Each bite of the Angel Dust Rub is like a ticket to an otherworldly feast – a place where mustard and fennel do a tango on your tongue, cumin and paprika lay down the deep, complex vibes, and just a hint of chilli wakes you up to the wonders you’ve been missing. Let it be your culinary angel, whispering secrets of flavour salvation in your ear, guiding you to new heights of delicious enlightenment.

Trust me, give this a whirl, and you’re not just coming back for seconds; you’re never leaving the table.

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Mustard seeds, fennel seeds, Hungarian paprika, salt, cumin, brown sugar, granulated sugar, gochugaru Korean chilli powder, black pepper