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Bombay Chilli Crunch

$17.00 AUD

Bombay Chilli Crunch is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the wildfire that's about to tear through your kitchen: the Bombay Chilli Crunch. This isn't just a condiment; it's a first-class ticket to the bustling streets of Southeast Asia, a jar of crunch that's going to blast your palate into a new dimension of flavour. Crafted from a trifecta of zesty chilis, the golden crunch of shallots, a hit of garlic, and a secret arsenal of spices straight from the vaults of Tasting India, this is your passport to an authentic taste adventure.

One spoonful? That's all it takes to get hooked. Suddenly, you're not in your kitchen anymore; you're in Bombay, where the air dances with the aroma of sweet shallots, the kick of garlic, and the whisper of curry leaves. It’s a harmony of tastes so tantalising, it’ll have you wondering how life ever existed before this moment.

But let’s not pigeonhole this culinary rebel. The Bombay Chilli Crunch doesn't just play nice with one dish; it's an all-out flavour chameleon. Swirl it into lentil bowls to shake up your vegan game, mix it into Greek yogurt for a tangy goddess dip, or let it crown your cheeseboard, turning it into a feast for both the eyes and the palate. From transforming your morning toast to becoming the hero of your burrito, dumplings, or last-minute fried rice dish, this condiment laughs in the face of limitations.

So, ready to turn your dining from mundane to mind-blowing? The Bombay Chilli Crunch is your sidekick in culinary crime, smuggling a burst of Southeast Asian adventure into every bite. It's not just adding flavour; it's unleashing a revolution in your mouth, a celebration of what it means to truly taste.

Trust me, dive into the Bombay Indian Chilli Crunch, and there's no turning back. You're not just eating; you're igniting a flavour bomb that'll forever change the way you dine.

Bring something different to the table…

180ml per jar


Dried Chillies, canola oil, nigella, mustard, fennel, garlic, cumin, cashews, fenugreek, curry leaves, salt, and pepper