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Café Mocha Rub

$16.50 AUD

Buckle up, because our Mocha Cafe Rub is about to take your grill on a flavour journey you never saw coming. This isn't your granddad's rub; this is what happens when the dark, soulful world of a quality roasted coffee collides with the primal essence of barbecue. Crafted with an artisan's touch, using only the most robust roasted coffee beans and a curated collection of toasted spices, we've birthed a culinary phoenix from the ashes of the ordinary.

Enter a realm where each bite is a mosaic of flavour — the earthy grip of the barbecue we all know and lust after, now layered with the complex, dark tones of coffee and a symphony of spices that sing in your mouth. This rub doesn't just add flavour; it dives deep, bringing a subtle, peppery heat that teases the edge of excitement without tipping the scales.

But let's not pigeonhole this masterpiece. Whether you're searing juicy meats or char-grilling the heck out of some veggies, the Mocha Cafe Rub is your secret weapon to culinary greatness. It's a dash of sophistication, a smoky twist that'll leave your palate (and your dinner guests) spellbound.

So, are you ready to throw the doors wide open on a flavour experience like no other? Let our Mocha Cafe Rub transform your grill into a gateway to a world where every meal is a story, every bite a revelation. Welcome to the cozy cafe of your dreams, where the grill is hot, the coffee is dark, and the possibilities are endless.

Trust me, once you take the plunge, there's no going back. You're not just cooking anymore; you're creating magic. Let's bring something wildly different to the table, together.

Bring something different to the table…



Ground coffee, cocoa, dark brown sugar, paprika, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper