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Chilli Crunch

$15.50 AUD

Dive into the bold world of our Chilli Crunch, where every spoonful is a defiant scream against the mundane. This isn't just a condiment; it's a revolution neatly packed into a jar, marrying the untamed heat of dried chillies with the earthy whisper of sesame seeds, all while a clandestine selection of spices plays in the background. Think of it as the ultimate flavour bomb, detonating taste buds with a spectrum of sensations that’s as exhilarating as a midnight ride on an open highway.

This Chilli Crunch isn't about one-note heat; it's a tapestry woven from the finest dried chillies, complete with flirtations of citrus zest and whispers of smoke that invite your palate to a dance it hadn't dreamed of. Sprinkling this over your go-to Asian dishes isn't just enhancing them; it's catapulting every bite from great to legendary, with a complexity that’s as mesmerising as a backstreet market in the heart of the city at dawn.

But why stop there? Imagine the anarchic joy of drizzling it over something as simple as poached eggs, transforming the first meal of the day into an act of culinary rebellion. The Chilli Crunch doesn’t just complement food; it grabs it by the collar and thrusts it into the spotlight, ensuring that every morsel is a headliner.

Let our Chilli Crunch be more than a condiment; let it be a declaration, a culinary confidante on your journey to kitchen greatness. It doesn’t matter if you’re after heat, flavour, or that satisfyingly sinful crunch—this jar has got your back, promising to elevate your dishes and carve bold, unforgettable experiences onto your taste buds.

Embrace the thrill, the adventure, the sheer unadulterated joy that our Chilli Crunch brings to every dish it touches. Trust me, this isn’t just food; it’s a ride—and one taste, and you’ll never want to get off.

Bring something different to the table...

Size: 180ml


black cardamon, Star anise garlic, onion, sesame seeds, canola oil, dried chilli flakes, salt, pepper