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Extra Hot Chilli Crunch

$16.00 AUD

Extra Spicy Crunch

Brace yourselves, heat seekers and flavour aficionados, for the arrival of our Extra Hot Chilli Crunch. This isn't just a step up the Scoville scale; it's a leap into a volcano of taste, meticulously concocted to blast your dishes into the stratosphere of fiery delight. We've taken the choicest dried chillies, tossed in some aromatic sesame seeds for good measure, and plunged deep into a spice odyssey to bring you a condiment that's not just hot—it's a full-on inferno with a purpose.

This jar of combustible magic is proof that when you play with fire, you don't just get heat; you get a masterpiece. The Extra Hot Chilli Crunch doesn't just hit you with an avalanche of spiciness; it seduces you with the subtleties of citrus and smokiness, creating a complex bouquet that dances on the palate. It's about balance, it’s about boldness, and it's about taking no prisoners when it comes to flavour.

Let loose the chains of culinary constraint and splash this spicy elixir on anything that dares cross your kitchen counter. Anoint your Asian dishes—be it a humble stir-fry or a soul-warming noodle bowl—with this fiery blessing and watch as they ascend to heights untold. Or break the fast with a bang, drizzling it over poached eggs to ignite your morning like a rocket-fueled wake-up call.

Our Extra Hot Chilli Crunch isn't just an addition to your meal; it's an admission ticket to a rollercoaster of taste, a declaration of your daring, and your secret weapon in the quest for culinary greatness. Whether you're chasing the thrill of heat, a crescendo of flavour, or the crunch that echoes through your dreams, this condiment has got you covered.

Dive into the blaze, embrace the explosion, and transform your dining experiences from mundane to meteoric. Trust me, once you've invited this blaze into your life, there’s no turning down the thermostat—you'll be hooked on the high.

Bring something different to the table…

Size: 180ml per jar


black cardamon, star anise, garlic, onion, sesame seeds, canola oil, dried chilli flakes, salt, pepper