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Japanese Rayu

$17.00 AUD

Step into a world where tradition meets a burst of flavour with our original Japanese Rayu. This isn't just an add-on; it's a journey to the heart of Japanese cuisine, where the umami-packed embrace of toasted sesame, the deep, savoury goodness of Japanese soy sauce, and the intriguing sweetness and smokiness of dried Korean chilli come together in perfect harmony. This condiment is a bridge between worlds, enhancing not only Asian favourites but also bringing a new dimension to dishes from all corners of the globe.

Allow the rich umami notes of toasted sesame to awaken your palate, paired with the depth and complexity that only Japanese soy sauce can provide. The twist comes with the addition of Korean chilli—its sweetness and smoke weaving through each flavour note, creating a culinary tapestry that will lift your meals from great to unforgettable.

Although Japanese Rayu finds its soulmate in ramen, don't let conventions hold you back. Experiment with it across the board—from transforming a humble roast chicken to giving grilled prawns an unexpected twist, or even adding an intriguing layer to smashed avocado on toast. This sauce is a magic carpet ride for your taste buds, ready to whisk you away to taste sensations untold.

Dive into the essence of our original Japanese Rayu, and let it be your guide on a culinary expedition that knows no boundaries. Whether delving into the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine or spicing up beloved dishes from around the world, this extraordinary condiment is your golden ticket to a feast of flavours. Embrace the unique symphony of umami, sweetness, and smokiness, and watch as every dish ascends to new, dizzying heights of delectability.

Trust me, one taste and there's no turning back—you're about to embark on a flavour journey that will forever change the way you view your kitchen creations.

Bring something different to the table…

Size: 180ml


Tamari, canola oil, garlic, sugar, sesame oil, dried Korean chilli flakes, sunflower seeds